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About The Dream Avenger

Children are often frightened of monsters and other evil characters in stories and television programs. Children believe that light keeps monsters at bay, but are freed to roam during the hours of darkness. This belief often results in a request for a night light to be left on in their bedroom.

This small light leaves closets and corners of the room dark and heavily shadowed. Child like imagination can convert these shadows into crouching monsters and other evil characters. These make believe characters can stimulate a child’s mind to create a nightmare once the child falls to sleep.

The Dream Avenger is a super hero that provides a sense of safety associated with family and home. The Dream Avenger will always be by your child’s side to battle the monsters under their bed, in their closets, in the shadowy corners of their bedroom, under their pillow and in their dreams.

The Dream Avenger assisted my child in achieving a restful worry free sleep. I also appreciated an uninterrupted sleep knowing my child was sleeping peacefully.

Can you handle two heroes in your child’s life?